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Why we do what we do…

We had a great staff retreat last week and felt a very positive and strong sense of why we do what we do. We raised the bar by identifying our work as it directly affects the visitors to our client websites in terms of web development, graphic enhancements, expanded content, SEO, or our AVID products such as AVID CMSor CaptivCast. We added up the millions of patients and prospective patients that have been able to find a physician, read about services, or find information easier and more quickly.

AVID Design’s VISION statement is “Be strategic, creative, and interactive leaders and partners in eHealthcare marketing, known and respected for our solutions, and staff who reflect this vision.” That statement is at the core of our day to day work. We appreciate how our work impacts the success of our clients to be more effective and efficient for their clients – patients, physicians, consumers, internal staff, community, and beyond.

As we come to work every day and offer solutions to web challenges, we feel we are truly a partner in the process with our clients. We try hard to present solutions that increase communication and make sure we are all on the same page and moving in the same direction. So, when our clients give us the opportunity to improve the design, functionality, and content on an entire website or on a customized sub-site such as a neuroscience center, we feel we are actually helping their patients find the expert medical care that they need – more seamlessly and efficiently.

AVID Design offers full-scale written and visual communication services for hospitals and healthcare systems, including Web design,SEO and PPC content development and assessmentonline videoand rich mediaanalytics and measurementcontent management systems and more.

Tom Brand | Executive Director | AVID Design

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