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Feb 2015

Understanding Your Analytics: Data Points vs. Trends

Reviewing analytics reports and trying to make sense of it all  is a task that often seems daunting. All the data  has been piling up over the past months and you  ask yourself, “Where do I start? What am I looking for? What does this all mean? How can I tell if my marketing/branding efforts are improving… or not?” Personally, when I first began learning to interpret data, I often started out feeling like I was in over my head.

Well, before you dive into the deep end without knowing how to tread water, consider that there are two important, perspectives to keep in mind that will help you to gain deeper insights from your data; comparing individual numbers and comparing performance trends that occur within a specific time period. Knowing when and why to observe individual data points versus trends over time can help you draw the most accurate conclusions.

Data Points

Individual data points are important to consider because they measure the day-to-day (or month-to-month) actions that users are taking on your website. They can tell you a lot about your site’s recent performance in its current state, such as,

  • What pages are users interacting with most?
  • From where do they typically enter the site?
  • What channels are driving the most traffic?

Essentially, it provides a snapshot view of how users are presently interacting with specific pages or keywords. But user behavior is rarely consistent on a daily basis, and fluctuation of these numbers will happen and is unavoidable – so don’t forget to focus on the big picture. Paying too much attention to individual, granular data points prevents you from seeing a comprehensive view of overall marketing efforts.

Data Trends

The bigger picture is that online marketing efforts are multi-faceted, interrelated and ongoing – and observing trends will help to illustrate that. As previously mentioned, getting caught-up in the nitty-gritty details of digital marketing analysis limits your perspective and understanding of the overall picture as a whole. Taking a step back and viewing the overall performance of specific data reveals key patterns to consider such as seasonality.

By nature, the more successful online marketing campaigns are cross-functional and capitalize on using multiple channels (SEO, Paid Search, Social Media, PR) and tracking online traffic from different sources (direct, referral, organic). It is important to understand that these varying channels and traffic sources leverage each other to complete conversions. Therefore, looking at trends of different channels, sources and key performance indicators (KPIs) can help shed light on reasons behind positive, negative or consistent changes over time.

Building a strong web presence that integrates analytics is a long-term investment and strategy, as it can take months, sometimes years to achieve. In order to do so, it takes careful observation of daily, monthly and total cumulative performance to holistically grasp the current, subjective state of your progress. This higher-level understanding will help you to plan and make the best objective decisions for your next steps.

Please let us know how we can help!

AVID Design offers full-scale written and visual communication services for hospitals and healthcare systems, including Content Management Systems, SharePointWeb DesignSEO and PPC, Content Development and AssessmentOnline VideoAnalytics and Measurementand more. 

Justin Small | Digital Marketing Specialist | AVID Design

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Oct 2014

Google My Business: How We’re Bringing Healthcare Back into Google’s Game

I moved closer to work at the beginning of last month, and needed to make an appointment with a new eye doctor. As AVID’s unofficial Google guru, of course the first thing I did was hit the search engines.

Even as someone who understands that there are more qualifications to look for in an ophthalmologist than “eye doctor in Norcross”, I (like many patients) was in a rush. I made an appointment with the first highly rated practice on the list, but on the day of my appointment, I showed up to an empty building.

I googled the practice again, called the number listed, but didn’t get an answer. A little angry for having wasted my time, I drove back to the office when the practice manager called my cell. The information on Google’s listing was incorrect, she explained. Would I like to reschedule? I decided that no, I would not like to reschedule. I ended up driving back across town to visit my old doctor instead.

This exact situation is happening to many hospitals, healthcare systems and physician practices across the country—sometimes totally unnoticed by the practice managers or marketing departments. As someone who works closely with Google, I totally understood that my potential ophthalmologist’s office had nothing to do with the incorrect listing. However, subconsciously the inconvenience was what determined my physician choice. This error caused the practice to lose a patient. How many others, I wondered, do they lose in a day? A month? A year?

Go Ahead, Check Yourself Out

Coincidentally enough, we have numerous clients using our digital strategy services at AVID Design for this exact issue. For a range of academic medical centers, hospitals and physician practices, we have embarked on an adventure to correct all of their Google listings. And that has been no easy feat — Google My Business is a two-headed beast!

  • Google My Business is not optional – How will your patients find you if not through Google? Your patients are most undoubtedly searching for you, and results are popping up. Managing those results is unquestionably important.
  • Google My Business is Not for the Faint of Heart – Representatives at Google have been very open that the Business platform was designed for just that—traditional retail businesses. The issues we experience with GMB are unique to healthcare, which is an unfamiliar area to the Google team. We are tackling that beast at AVID Design!

Keep in mind: Google My Business is still a new approach – with kinks and missing functionality that will all improve with time, but it is complicated by Google’s tendency is to shy away from healthcare endeavors. Defining a strategic approach to healthcare locations is beyond perplexing — and one that is tough to tackle alone.

The best way to figure out where you stand on Google’s radar is to search for your organization – down as many paths as possible. Search for your hospital name, your brand name, your physician names, practice names and so on. If you find pages for your organization, you should claim them as your own—especially if the information is incorrect.

What We’ve Learned

During our Google My Business initiation by fire over time, the most important lesson learned is that while this technology may still be emerging and imperfect, it has a very real, instant impact on healthcare organizations due to poor user experiences. Taking action sooner than later is always a good idea, but keep in mind that as with any other new online tool or functionality, flexibility is critical. The process may change direction quickly and is definitely a moving target! Be open to evolving your strategy, updating your goals and managing expectations.

Need help determining if you’ve got a Google beast on your hands? Give us a call and we can check out your page standings and see what information is being shared with your current or prospective patients. 


AVID Design offers full-scale written and visual communication services for hospitals and healthcare systems, including SharePointWeb designSEO and PPC content development and assessmentonline video and rich mediaanalytics and measurementcontent management systems and more.

Whitney Stuart | Web Content Manager | AVID Design

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Aug 2014

Is Your Site Ripe with ROI?

There’s just something about the bright colors and sunshine of summer that makes me want to get outside and spruce up my garden – and summer produce is bountiful! During these months, eating fresh produce makes me more mindful about what goes into creating such a delicious product– the time, effort, expertise, and downright hard work.

Every summer I get the itch to start a beautiful garden, and while I may fully prepare, I just never seem to find enough time to dig in the trenches.

This is the case with even the most prestigious healthcare companies. While online marketing and web presence are always important to leadership, the routine upkeep and continued strategic planning necessary for successful user engagement can seem a little overwhelming.

As an unofficial farmer, I enjoy comparing websites to fruit: the most critical part of a successful crop for a farmer is to harvest at exactly the right moment. Even after months of tilling, weeding and fertilizing, the entire crop can be ruined if harvested at the wrong time, or if he misinterprets the growing conditions. At AVID, we understand that a website is an investment. That’s why it is so important to capitalize on ROI at exactly the correct moment.

Planting the Seeds for Successful Web Presence

The first step in creating a successful website is picking a platform that will support decisions with measurable ROI (Return on Investment).

After picking the best tools, it’s time to get to work. Carefully and regularly measure and monitor your numbers. When analyzing your site, it’s a good idea to be curious.

Ask questions like:

  • Which of my pages are most visited?
  • Which pages provide the most value to my target market?
  • Is our content and SEO as fresh as possible on these pages?
  • Do we have conversions and goals set on that page?

Timing is also important for cultivation. New opportunities for optimizing digital presence and driving traffic are constantly presenting themselves; lots of times this is driven through other channels, like Facebook, or Instagram. Knowing which channels will help you to capitalize on your efforts will ultimately bring you your peak ROI.

For years our enthusiasm in cultivating messaging, branding, and increasing ROI is what we’ve excelled at. To set up an AVID consultation, reach out to us today at the number below.

Wishing you a fruitful harvest!


AVID Design offers full-scale written and visual communication services for hospitals and healthcare systems, including SharePointWeb designSEO and PPC content development and assessmentonline video and rich mediaanalytics and measurementcontent management systems and more.

Stephanie Imberman | Account Executive | AVID Design

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May 2014

A Neuropsychological-Approved Approach to Healthcare Marketing

Full confession: Sometimes I forget I’m not actually a physician-scientist. After years of writing healthcare content, my passing interest in medical research has evolved into a full-blown commitment to reading every article I come across. If Google handed out degrees, I’d have a pretend PhD in neuropsychology alone.

Emotions are some of the strongest forces we as humans can produce, yet because of the scientific nature of medicine there are very few emotions involved in medical research. That’s why I love neuropsychology; a field which explains the biological function of the brain as it relates to our behavior. Neuropsychologists combine the sterile, scientific side of the brain’s processes and translate them into the animated, human world of psychology and behavior.

I’ve been very focused on neurosciences lately as AVID just launched a new website for GRHealth and incorporated many sub-sites, including the Neuroscience Center of Excellence. But, also, I just read about a team of neuropsychologists from the University of Freiburg in Germany that recently released a study which found that patients with clinical depression perceived colors to be duller than patients without depression perceived them. The study concluded that patients diagnosed with depression quite literally live in a less vibrant world. What an incredible breakthrough in understanding the extent of the disease!

Physicians understand that in order to effectively treat a patient, we must understand their condition as fully as possible. As a healthcare marketer only pretending to be a trained specialist, I understand that before reaching our target audience, we must also fully understand their needs. 

Translating Your Voice

Before our content team writes the first word, we ensure we fully understand the organization’s voice and understand their priorities through interviews with physicians and subject matter experts. Each of our clients has a unique approach to delivering care, and we believe that differentiating factors and key messages should resonate on each page of content we write.

However, it is equally important to ensure that content reaches audiences in ways they can understand. Have you assessed your content from a more behavior oriented perspective? It is important to not only write content that conveys your key messages to visitors, but delivers information that addresses the behavior behind their visit to your site.

All Page Visits Are Not Created Equal

Most healthcare marketers understand that a visit to a page about volunteering has completely different intentions than a visit to a pediatric cardiology page. But what are those intentions?

At AVID Design, we bring the neuropsychology approach to content: We combine powerful, statistically- based analytics with unparalleled expertise in healthcare marketing for a very strategic approach to targeted and specialized content.

If your content isn’t having the desired effect on your target audiences, give us a call. It may be that a small change in approach will help your visitors see your site in much more vibrant colors.


AVID Design offers full-scale written and visual communication services for hospitals and healthcare systems, including SharePointWeb designSEO and PPC content development and assessmentonline video and rich mediaanalytics and measurementcontent management systems and more.

Whitney Stuart | Web Content Manager | AVID Design

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Feb 2014

Web Optimization: A Valentine’s Tale from Your Friends at AVID

My boyfriend and I, like the rest of Atlanta, enjoyed a few work-from-home days this week through the snow storm (It turns out “Icelanta 2” wasn’t nearly as “biblical” as the weather predicted, but did keep us inside for a few days). Our kitchen table looked like a war-zone…my side of the table was filled with first drafts and client notes, his side with case files & notebooks. There were pens everywhere.

About halfway through the second day in our new “home office” he suddenly looked over his laptop at me, almost panicked.

“I…I don’t have anything planned for Thanksgiving.”

“Well,” I replied, “You’ve got a few months to think about it.”

Of course, he meant Valentine’s Day but the word switcheroo struck with me. Valentine’s Day really is very similar to Thanksgiving. We think about love in all its forms, and are thankful for those people and things around us who make life a little more pleasurable…or a little easier.

Today, one of those things was my nice office at AVID headquarters where I can stretch my legs under the entirety of my desk without hitting someone else’s feet. The other was the fresh list of new web pages on my desk, just waiting to be written.

What things do you love that make your life easier? Do you need help to make your online tasks more manageable? Whether you are stuck with writing, can’t get a handle on programming, or would just like a little facelift to refresh your website’s look, we can set you up with the perfect solution. We can even take your site mobile. Our team is full of people who love to do all the things that make your online life easier. 

Binary Valentine's Day Card

we love programming so much that even our valentine’s cards are in binary

 If you aren’t sure where to start, ask us for a free consultation or SEO assessment. It’s like giving you the answers to the test; or like someone letting my boyfriend know that I like peach colored roses and there are some on sale at the flower shop just down the street (ahem). 

We promise, no matter if you call today on Valentine’s Day or wait until Thanksgiving, you’ll fall in love with AVID. 

AVID Design offers full-scale written and visual communication services for hospitals and healthcare systems, including SharePointWeb designSEO and PPC content development and assessmentonline video and rich mediaanalytics and measurementcontent management systems and more.

Whitney Stuart | Web Content Manager | AVID Design

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