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May 2015

AVID Design Attends Annual NACCDO/PAN Conference

AVID Design is thrilled to be participating in this year’s annual NACCDO/PAN Conference (National Association of Cancer Center Development Officers / Public Affairs Network), taking place May 5 – May 8, 2015, and hosted by the Yale Cancer Center at Yale University.

Throughout the week, AVID will be engaged in discussions with other creative and likeminded marketing, public affairs and development professionals. We’re excited at the opportunity to meet with and network amongst industry experts from around the country to constructively exchange ideas on a wide variety of topics. Some of these topics include industry best practices, innovative marketing strategies and methods, and creative, real-world solutions to the industry’s common pain points.

The event will feature seminar speakers during the course of the week who are also top-tier professionals from across a multitude of disciplines, such as media relations and marketers from some of the largest and most successful hospital systems, individual media relations and marketing firms, philanthropists and health writers from prominent publications.

AVID Design developed the NACCDO/PAN mobile app, available to download for Android and iPhone users. The app includes the conference’s agenda along with descriptions of the events and a short bio of each guest speaker. The app also offers a survey for you to provide feedback on each event to help improve the experience for next year.

AVID will be covering the event on Facebook, Twitter (@AVIDDesign) and LinkedIn using the official hashtag, #NACCDOPAN. Be on the lookout for some very interesting, informative and entertaining updates!

AVID Design offers full-scale written and visual communication services for hospitals and healthcare systems, including Content Management Systems, SharePointWeb DesignSEO and PPC, Content Development and AssessmentOnline VideoAnalytics and Measurementand more. 

Justin Small | Digital Marketing Specialist | AVID Design

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May 2014

A Neuropsychological-Approved Approach to Healthcare Marketing

Full confession: Sometimes I forget I’m not actually a physician-scientist. After years of writing healthcare content, my passing interest in medical research has evolved into a full-blown commitment to reading every article I come across. If Google handed out degrees, I’d have a pretend PhD in neuropsychology alone.

Emotions are some of the strongest forces we as humans can produce, yet because of the scientific nature of medicine there are very few emotions involved in medical research. That’s why I love neuropsychology; a field which explains the biological function of the brain as it relates to our behavior. Neuropsychologists combine the sterile, scientific side of the brain’s processes and translate them into the animated, human world of psychology and behavior.

I’ve been very focused on neurosciences lately as AVID just launched a new website for GRHealth and incorporated many sub-sites, including the Neuroscience Center of Excellence. But, also, I just read about a team of neuropsychologists from the University of Freiburg in Germany that recently released a study which found that patients with clinical depression perceived colors to be duller than patients without depression perceived them. The study concluded that patients diagnosed with depression quite literally live in a less vibrant world. What an incredible breakthrough in understanding the extent of the disease!

Physicians understand that in order to effectively treat a patient, we must understand their condition as fully as possible. As a healthcare marketer only pretending to be a trained specialist, I understand that before reaching our target audience, we must also fully understand their needs. 

Translating Your Voice

Before our content team writes the first word, we ensure we fully understand the organization’s voice and understand their priorities through interviews with physicians and subject matter experts. Each of our clients has a unique approach to delivering care, and we believe that differentiating factors and key messages should resonate on each page of content we write.

However, it is equally important to ensure that content reaches audiences in ways they can understand. Have you assessed your content from a more behavior oriented perspective? It is important to not only write content that conveys your key messages to visitors, but delivers information that addresses the behavior behind their visit to your site.

All Page Visits Are Not Created Equal

Most healthcare marketers understand that a visit to a page about volunteering has completely different intentions than a visit to a pediatric cardiology page. But what are those intentions?

At AVID Design, we bring the neuropsychology approach to content: We combine powerful, statistically- based analytics with unparalleled expertise in healthcare marketing for a very strategic approach to targeted and specialized content.

If your content isn’t having the desired effect on your target audiences, give us a call. It may be that a small change in approach will help your visitors see your site in much more vibrant colors.


AVID Design offers full-scale written and visual communication services for hospitals and healthcare systems, including SharePointWeb designSEO and PPC content development and assessmentonline video and rich mediaanalytics and measurementcontent management systems and more.

Whitney Stuart | Web Content Manager | AVID Design

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Dec 2010

Would You Like to Take a Hospital Intranet Survey?

Remember the crazy survey lady from the hilarious cartoon hit of the 90s, Animaniacs?

Yesterday I spent nearly 15 minutes completing a survey for Adobe. It was all about their creative products. I admit, the only reason that I took the time to do it was because I have a glimmer of hope that I could win a giveaway that they were offering. By the time I was done with it (because it didn’t tell me to set aside 15 minutes when I started) I felt like Adobe should just out right PAY for the information that I was giving back.

But the other reason I filled it out was because I knew that we were about to send out our own survey to the masses… and I figured that I could glean some survey creation wisdom from the good folks at Adobe. My takeaway = Make the survey short and simple.

In our last AVID Insight newsletter we hinted that the January feature story was going to be all about Hospital Intranets and Employee Communication. We’ve had many conversations with our clients in recent days/months about this topic. It also seemed to be a topic that many were talking about at the 14th Annual Healthcare Internet Conference.  As we’ve been preparing for next month’s feature, we decided that it would be interesting to reach out to you, our healthcare marketing followers, for your input into the discussion.

I promise you that it won’t take 15 minutes to complete.

I can’t offer you a prize pack for your participation, but I can offer you the assurance that your answers will be kept anonymous (we’ve seen some of your intranets.)

So… Would you like to take our hospital intranet survey?

While you’re at it, if you’re not signed up for the AVID Insight eNewsletter, now is a great time to do so.

Andy Darnell | Director of Web Development | AVID Design

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Jun 2010

Poll Results: Writing Hospital Quality-of-Care Website Content

Our last blog post, invited readers to vote in our current poll about hospital Website conversions. While that poll is underway, we wanted to review the results from our previous online poll about integrating quality of care information into a hospital’s Website (we also wrote a feature article about this topic in our May 2010 newsletter).

What the Results Mean

Although voters were split 50/50 about which was the most important, the relativity of the choices suggests that there is no question that patients and Website visitors must come first, as compared to matters that involve tone, logistics and conversions.

Although that may seem obvious, it’s an important concept to keep in mind when planning and drafting content—especially when attempting to integrate editorial feedback from hospital adminstrators and physicians.

As you might have experienced when developing content for other Website pages—such as content for your hospital’s service lines—there can occasionally be conflicts when trying to craft content that balances readability, SEO, technical language, credibility, etc. But when it comes to quality of care content, it may be best to defer to Website reader expectations before all else.

Derek Rudnak | Communications Specialist | AVID Design

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Apr 2010

Poll Results: What is the Best Intranet Best Practice for Hospitals?

Although the number of voters in our recent online poll about hospital intranet best practices was slim, their opinions were overwhelming in their support of which best practice was indeed the best.

As of today, 75% of voters have said that enabling current and relevant content creation was the best of the six practices listed in the poll. (The poll will remain open, so if you haven’t voted yet, be sure to cast your vote.).

The poll’s list was developed in response to a recent Nielsen Norman Group report, Intranet Design Annual 2010: Year’s Ten Best Intranets.

The report—and the six best practices that we identified for hospitals and healthcare systems—was the focus of our monthly newsletter’s feature story for April 2010, Looking Inward: Six Best Practices for Hospital INTRANET Usability.

What Do You Think?

What are your thoughts about these best practices? Which do you think is best? Are there any others that you’d suggest?

Derek Rudnak  | Communications Specialist | AVID Design


AVID Design is an award-winning healthcare and hospital online marketing consultant. Contact us for a free estimate for developing your hospital’s intranet.

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