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Apr 2011

How Often Do You Redesign & Relaunch Your Hospital’s Web site?

Since we’re developing an e-newsletter feature series on the typical life cycle of a hospital Web site, we thought it’d be a good idea to further develop the series and hear what our fellow colleagues and friends in the hospital and healthcare marketing industry have to say.

We’d like to invite you (yes, you reading this!) to contribute to this feature series by telling us how often you redesign and relaunch your hospital’s Web site.

We promise it won’t take long…after all, it’s just one simple question.

Take our poll now!


Thanks!  We’ll reveal the results soon in our hospital Web site life cycle feature series.

Lisa M. Rickard | Web Content Specialist | AVID Design

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Apr 2011

Where is Your Hospital in the Web site Life Cycle?

At AVID Design we’ve noticed that our hospital and healthcare clients usually fit into the same Web site life cycle, which we like to break down into three phases:

The typical life cycle of a hospital Web site.

The typical life cycle of a hospital Web site.

• Green Phase

• Yellow Phase

• Red Phase

Green Phase: The Web site’s life cycle begins here and things are running smoothly with your fresh, new site because you’ve followed through with your strategy and you’ve utilized focus groups to build excitement. Have you created a solid foundation… to maximize the time that your Web site will remain in this phase?

Yellow Phase: New initiatives come along and tend to throw a wrench in your smoothly running plan, which make you revise from your previous strategy because they aren’t meshing well with your current site…so what do you do?

Red Phase: The structure of the site is out of order and it’s not performing like it should be. Temporary band-aids are placed on your site to fix all the problems, thus creating a headache…until someone says “fix it!”

Read the complete article in the April edition of our AVID Insight eNewsletter and sign up for future editions!

Also, don’t forget to take our poll by telling us how often you redesign and relaunch your hospital’s Web site.

Lisa M. Rickard | Web Content Specialist | AVID Design

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Sep 2010

Poll: What Most Discourages Your Attendance at Healthcare Marketing Conferences?

Our September 2010 newsletter feature Your Hospital Can Can’t Afford to Not Attend Healthcare Marketing Conferences explored the advantages of attending a healthcare marketing conference, as well as how to get expenses approved and ways to get the most from your budget.

What is your opinion about attending healthcare marketing conferences? Or more specifically, what is the top reason for why you would not or could not attend a healthcare marketing conference? Cast your vote!


The poll closes at the end of the month. We’ll publish the results in November.

What Else Do You Think?

Along with the reasons in the poll, what are some others reasons for why you—or others—wouldn’t or couldn’t attend?

Which conferences have you attended or plan to attend?

If you have ever wanted to attend a conference but were prohibited by one of these or other reasons, how did you try to overcome the obstacle(s)? Were you successful? Why or why not?

Derek Rudnak | SEO/PPC/Social Media Specialist | AVID Design


AVID Design frequently attends and presents at healthcare marketing conferences. Please join AVID Design Executive Director Tom Brand when he co-presents “Interactively Selling Your Brand From the Inside Out” with MCGHealth Director of Marketing and Planning Kim Marlatt at the 14th Annual Healthcare Internet Conference in Las Vegas, November 15–17.

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