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Feb 2013

Service Line Video Focus for Enhanced Content Development

Content development is so much more than just writing about your healthcare services. Does your content really give your online visitors better reasons to come to your hospital instead of your competitors? Are you really taking advantage of the opportunity to tell your story in a more interactive and compelling way?

Physician interviews offer many opportunities to tell your story in a more personal way, but do you really take advantage of this opportunity in a more strategic way? Instead of simply posting physician interviews on their bio page, bring it all together more strategically by service line. Really showcase the service specific differentiating factors that your hospital offers and also include organizational key messages about your team approach and comprehensiveness of care. If a prospective patient is interested in specialty care for epilepsy, for instance, bring together video segments from 3 or 4 of your specialists and really showcase your expertise in this category. 

Just think of communicating your service line messages as more of a campaign. Isn’t that the goal anyway? Campaign for new patients based on compelling reasons. Here is a great example of a compelling and effective campaign for neonatal care that increased awareness of services at Phoebe Putney Health System: 

Your video segments don’t need to have a campaign feel, but video editing can bring together a variety of messages and a variety of physician perspectives in one 2 minute video. That’s making your marketing dollars work smarter, not harder! Also, don’t miss the chance to use videos to expand the reach of your key messages across audiences. When considering service line focused videos, use this opportunity to have specialty physicians talk about the referral process. Let them address any concerns about access and tell referring physicians that your organization appreciates the opportunity to help them care for their patients. Talk about the ongoing communication between physicians. And then make sure you practice what you preach. Some specific questions to think about when it’s time to make physician videos:

  • How does your team work together to create a better experience for the patient?
  • What makes your organization stand out in your specialty?
  • How does your organization work with the patient throughout their treatment process?

These questions help steer your physician’s into having a conversation about what really matters at your organization: providing excellent care to every patient you see.

So, spend a little time reviewing your current content – think strategically and look for opportunities to expand awareness of specialty services. Base your review on organizational goals and priorities and direct your marketing dollars with a more strategic focus. This more strategic approach will drive conversions in a more positive and track able way to show solid ROI. 

AVID Design offers full-scale written and visual communication services for hospitals and healthcare systems, including Web design,SEO and PPC content development and assessmentonline videoand rich mediaanalytics and measurementcontent management systems and more.

Meredith Rose | Director of Content Services | AVID Design

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Nov 2012

Getting the Most Out of Your Healthcare Videos

At AVID Design, we can guarantee you’ll hear someone talking about one of two things: what’s going on in healthcare web design and marketing, and what value our services bring to the table. This last week, one of our clients, Tanner Health System, won an award for the Tanner Cancer Center informational video we did for them. We’re pretty proud of that, so we wanted to discuss the value that video can bring to a healthcare website.

AVID Design actually did a whole series of videos for Tanner Health System. One of our projects created a one-minute video as part of a marketing campaign for their outpatient psychiatric facility. This video was displayed in various theatres throughout their community and uploaded to Tanner’s website and YouTube page. Later, we repurposed this video for them and created a radio spot so they can continue to spread the word about their services. Also, that same video will be shortened to a 30 second commercial spot and broadcast to their local television stations. Now that’s getting the most out of marketing dollars!

By repurposing the video in several different ways, Tanner is able to multiply the value of the original footage without significantly increasing the cost of the project. Through social media, web trafficking and local broadcasting; Tanner Health System has been able to market their one campaign and extend their message to a wider community audience.

So here are some statistics.

87% of US brands use video for content marketing initiatives, according to eMarketer. Additionally, a study from Marketing Sherpa found a social media marketing video campaign increased demo leads 63% and grew web traffic by 450,000 visitors for the company in the study.

Those are numbers that no industry, including healthcare marketing, can afford to ignore. There are a variety of useful ways that your healthcare organization can incorporate video into your marketing initiatives to help spread the word about who you are and what you do for your community.

Physicians with video links on their bio pages see three to four times more traffic than those with only images on their bio page. People want to get to know their prospective doctor, watch their mannerisms, and get a better sense of the physician personality before they commit to selecting a new physician. It’s like getting to know a person before a first date. And when a patient finds the doctor they like, they will most likely stay with that doctor for many years.  It’s not uncommon to hear a doctor say that they have taken care of three generations of the same family.

Case in point: AVID Design worked with Bayhealth on a series of physician videos called “Bit of Advice.” These videos were short clips of physicians giving health tips to their consumers that we shot in conjunction with their physician bios/videos. By doing the videos at the same time, we were able to add significant value to their video production, all within budget.

AVID Design client Piedmont Healthcare keeps their community informed through their weekly HealthWatchMD videos.  These videos discuss various topics such as women’s health, men’s health, preventative care, fitness, cancer care, and many more. Piedmont has turned their health tips and information into a news report for patients. In addition they have a Meet our Experts section specific to physician areas of expertise.

Hospitals should take advantage of video marketing for their hospital system, whether it’s for the entire healthcare system or individual departments. Patients are much more likely to click on a video than read an article about healthcare issues. Online videos are an effective, proactive way for doctors and nurses to communicate accurate and timely health information.

Your healthcare organization has everything to gain from investing in online video campaigns.

AVID Design offers full-scale written and visual communication services for hospitals and healthcare systems, including Web designSEO and PPCcontent development and assessmentonline video and rich mediaanalytics and measurementcontent management systems and more.

Jeannine Harned Smith | Video Production Manager | AVID Design

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