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Jul 2011

AVID Design Gets Mentioned in Ragan Communications’ eNewsletter

Learn "A Bit of Advice" from Bayhealth physicians.

We were recently mentioned in Ragan CommunicationsHealth Care Communication News eNewsletter and on their Website for the “Bit of Advice” video campaign we produced, shot and edited for Bayhealth Medical Center.

Check out the mention and article here.

Videos = More Interaction = Conversions

Because of the integration of this video campaign on their site, Bayhealth has seen  actual results and a significant increase in traffic to these physician pages,  as noted in the article.

As we always tell our clients,  having engagement opportunities online increases interaction that potentially lead to conversions.  Search engines rank sites higher if you have quality content, and videos are considered quality content.

Our state-of-the-art video production studio is a perfect place for your next video shoot, or we can bring our studio to your facility–we have everything that is necessary for a professional video shoot.

If you’d like to brainstorm with AVID Design on how we can produce videos for your hospital’s Website or develop a video strategy, contact us today.

Lisa M. Rickard | Web Content Specialist/Writer/Editor | AVID Design

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Jun 2010

Are Viral Videos Right For Your Hospital?

Viral videos have become more popular these days, but many healthcare organizations haven’t really embraced this phenomenon yet.

Viral videos, in general, have proven to be an excellent marketing tool and are a great way for hospitals to raise awareness for campaigns and issues affecting the community.  If your hospital’s executive board or senior leadership is supportive with the idea to create one, then yes they certainly can be right for your hospital.

Lights, camera, action! Viral videos are a great marketing tool for hospitals.

Boom Boom Pow- Viral Videos For Hospitals…An Example

Open Heart services are coming to Gwinnett Medical Center, thanks in part to the community’s overwhelming support.

By thanking donors, partners and friends who helped bring Open Heart to GMC (as well as raise awareness about the new program), a viral video was created by GMC’s Marketing Department.

For an unusually more “conservative” type of organization, the video, set to the Black Eyed Peas’ track, “Boom Boom Pow,” features doctors, nurses, staff members, board members, executives, and even members of the Gwinnett Gladiators donning red gloves while dancing and pop-locking inside hospital corridors and around its campus—all in an effort to show their excitement for the new program.

This is what they did.

So Why Did Gwinnett Medical Center Want To Do A Video Like This?

The idea came from another viral video done by a medical center in Oregon to raise awareness for breast cancer.  Astounded by the number of hits that video received on YouTube, GMC thought that this would be a great way to promote their new program publicly and help with fundraising.

“In the context of us going public with our fundraising campaign for Open Heart, we thought this would be a wonderful way to promote the coming program, the campaigning and drive traffic to the hospital Website so people could learn about all the other wonderfully trained physicians we have, as well as the state-of-the-art equipment we have right in our own backyard,” said Gwinnett Medical Center Foundation President Jason Chandler.

“It [the video] also is a way to show continued community support, create awareness of GMC, the Foundation and the need for Open Heart services, and increase donations to the Open Heart Campaign,” added Gwinnett Medical Center Foundation Communications Coordinator Karen Eggers.

Viral Videos DO Work For Hospitals

For GMC, their Open Heart Campaign viral video has contributed greatly not only in raising awareness and funds successfully for the campaign, but also has raised employee spirits and attitudes.

“Creating this video was a great morale booster and gave associates the opportunity to take ownership of all the hard work that went into the Open Heart Campaign.  The departments were very competitive and had a fun time.  Many have asked when the next video will be produced,” stated Eggers.

The video can currently be seen at openheartgwinnett.com, gwinnettmedicalcenter.org , at the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce and atGwinnett Braves games.

Want to help contribute to GMC’s goal of raising $8 million for the Open Heart campaign?  Visit GMC’s Foundation Website for details.

Lisa M. Federico | Content Specialist | AVID Design

AVID Design puts the “Boom Boom Pow” in hospital and healthcare video production. AVID Design offers interactive healthcare marketing solutions like rich media, Flash development and physician videos for your hospital’s Website. Contact AVID Design today for more info.

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Feb 2010

31% of Users Want Online Healthcare Video to Solve Problems, Offer Incentives

No sooner than after we finished publishing our healthcare online video SEO blog series, eMarketer released some extremely interesting figures about ways that Internet users want hospitals to use online video and new media.

Click image to see full-size image.

Click image to see full-size image.

Although the survey data also included figures for other industries and sectors, healthcare was often at the top (or bottom) of most categories:

• 31%: Solve my Problems/Provide Product Service Information

• 31%: Offer Me Incentives

• 26%: Solicit My Feedback on Products/Services

• 25%: Develop New Ways for Me to Interact with Brands

• 19%: Entertain Me

• 19%: Market to Me

What the Figures and Findings Mean to Healthcare Marketers

Extrapolating the real meanings of these findings doesn’t require too much thought, whether looking at the top or bottom ends of the results:

• At the top, users want healthcare videos to provide solid reasons to come to your hospital. If it’s not a solution to their specific problems, then it’s an incentive that users desire—of which both are quite presumably being measured against what your competitors can or can’t deliver.

• At the bottom, users clearly don’t want to waste their time. Most healthcare marketers would likely not create videos that are designed to purely entertain visitors, but they might be inclined to use video to explicitly or aggressively market their brands. At any rate, neither are users want.

Do you agree with the results? Do they compare to objectives for your hospital’s online videos? What else do you think users want or don’t want?

Derek Rudnak | Communications Specialist | AVID Design

AVID Design offers full-scale and mobile healthcare video production solutions.

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Feb 2009

Rich Media Remains Red Hot for 2009: Really? Yes.

Is advertiser faith in video is waning or did it peaked in 2008? Not at all.

Is advertiser faith in online video is waning or did it peaked in 2008? Not at all.

Last month, we wrote about how rich media and online video ad spending were supposed to be 2009’s strongest online marketing tools, especially in terms of spending and growth.

New numbers released by AccuStream iMedia Research and eMarketer this week suggest that spending on video will continue to grow, but not at the same rate as it did last year.

Does this mean that advertiser faith in video is waning or that it peaked in 2008? Not at all.

The original research for our blog—which was based on a more detailed feature about rich media in 2009 we wrote—already suggested that video spending wouldn’t increase this year, but would still remain robust.

We have definitely seen evidence at AVID Design of the demand for video. Just this week, our video production department completed two video projects, and there’s more on this horizon.

Video is still the format on which advertisers spend the most (after search and display ads). Also, video spending (along with other formats) is anticipated to rise again in 2010, presumably when the economy hopefully starts to rebound from the recession.

Derek Rudnak | Communications Specialist | AVID Design

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Jan 2009

Rich Media Remains Red Hot for 2009

Last year, rich media—particularly video—remained one of the highest growing and most effective online marketing tools.

Spending on rich media and video jumped in 2008 and is expected to continue in 2009 and beyond.

Spending on rich media and video jumped in 2008 and is expected to continue in 2009 and beyond.

If you aren’t yet integrating rich media on your site or aren’t considering it as a priority for 2009, you may now be asking yourself why you aren’t or are questioning whether it is actually effective. Here are some points to consider.

Everybody Else is Doing It

This potentially flimsy argument recalls a parent asking a child, “If everybody else jumped off a skyscraper, would you still do it?” The difference is that the millions being spent on rich media are not hypothetical, and presumably, and there’s clearly something that is driving demand for it.

Rich Media Works


There are numerous reasons for why and how rich media is effective. Some key factors include:

• Video is more effective than still images: If “a picture is worth a thousand words,” then video is worth millions of words…and that translates into serious ROI.

• Rich media performs better than GIF/JPG ads: …particularly for ad awareness and message association.

• More people have broadband: Quickly streaming smooth and interruption-free rich media requires bandwidth that dial-up simply can’t provide.

• Rich media expands and enhances content: …and that translates into greater visitor interest and visit duration, Web traffic and ROI. Video has also been show to increase the duration of a visitor’s stay more than 15 percent.

• Unprecedented customization: The increasing ease of producing highly customized rich media content ensures an exciting, dynamic and informative experience for users.

For example, AVID Design recently completed Vida Sana, a Spanish informational vodcast video for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida. Written, cast, filmed and produced entirely in-house, and edited at AVID Design’s state-of-the-art facility, Vida Sana is expected to help open doors for Blue Cross into other Latin markets across the United States, broadening the company’s reach and ability to grow in an insurance industry leadership role within this rapidly expanding demographic.

Derek Rudnak | Communications Specialist | AVID Design

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