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May 2015

AVID Design Attends Annual NACCDO/PAN Conference

AVID Design is thrilled to be participating in this year’s annual NACCDO/PAN Conference (National Association of Cancer Center Development Officers / Public Affairs Network), taking place May 5 – May 8, 2015, and hosted by the Yale Cancer Center at Yale University.

Throughout the week, AVID will be engaged in discussions with other creative and likeminded marketing, public affairs and development professionals. We’re excited at the opportunity to meet with and network amongst industry experts from around the country to constructively exchange ideas on a wide variety of topics. Some of these topics include industry best practices, innovative marketing strategies and methods, and creative, real-world solutions to the industry’s common pain points.

The event will feature seminar speakers during the course of the week who are also top-tier professionals from across a multitude of disciplines, such as media relations and marketers from some of the largest and most successful hospital systems, individual media relations and marketing firms, philanthropists and health writers from prominent publications.

AVID Design developed the NACCDO/PAN mobile app, available to download for Android and iPhone users. The app includes the conference’s agenda along with descriptions of the events and a short bio of each guest speaker. The app also offers a survey for you to provide feedback on each event to help improve the experience for next year.

AVID will be covering the event on Facebook, Twitter (@AVIDDesign) and LinkedIn using the official hashtag, #NACCDOPAN. Be on the lookout for some very interesting, informative and entertaining updates!

AVID Design offers full-scale written and visual communication services for hospitals and healthcare systems, including Content Management Systems, SharePointWeb DesignSEO and PPC, Content Development and AssessmentOnline VideoAnalytics and Measurementand more. 

Justin Small | Digital Marketing Specialist | AVID Design

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Nov 2013

5 Things I Learned at CHPRMS

This week, Tom and I attended the Carolinas Healthcare Public Relations & Marketing Society Conference in beautiful Asheville, NC. As a native New Yorker accustomed to the city and fast-paced business environments, it’s nice to visit the mountains and breathe fresh air! This year, the conference was held at the Grove Park Inn, which was truly lovely. I never wanted to leave.

The setting for 2013 CHPRMS conference

The Mountains of Asheville provided a beautiful backdrop for conference (image credit: CHPRMS)


The conference provided a fresh perspective on healthcare marketing. There were productive conversations throughout, but here are my five favorite takeaways from the CHPRMS conference:

1-      Techfast: The Breakfast of Marketing Champions– This was a great way to kick off the day, as well as learn how to experience the world of smartphone multitasking. Along with my oatmeal, apps are now a part of my morning routine. If you aren’t familiar with these apps, I highly recommend them:

  • Feedly
  • Flip Board
  • Expensify
  • Keyring
  • If this and that (IFTTT)

2-      Be in the Now – Curiosity may have killed the cat, but without embracing fear and adapting to change, we lose chances at success. The healthcare industry is fortunate to be a constant source of innovation. With healthcare marketing, we must be curious and encourage new ideas. When an opportunity comes up to market your organization, rather than say “yes, but…” think in terms of “yes, and…”. What can you add?

3-      Timing is (almost) everything – What time of year is the best time to launch a new website? Which day is best to put out press releases? Should you tweet in the morning or afternoon? Be sure your efforts are seen and heard by the people who need to hear it most. Ask a marketing expert when is the best time to launch your campaigns for a higher chance at visibility?

4-      Non-conventional physician engagement – Yes, patients are more likely to visit a physician whom they have engaged with online. However as healthcare marketers, we understand the challenges of encouraging physicians to participate in marketing efforts.

Acclimate your physicians to a strong online presence by finding a non-conventional way to attract physicians and patients. Things like an “ask a doc” live-tweet session, healthy tips feed, or even an introductory video on your website are all great first steps to online engagement.

5-      Keep Your Eyes on the Prize – Whether you are part of the clinical or supporting staff of a healthcare organization, it’s important to remember the goal: the health of your patients! Whenever you begin a campaign or find an obstacle in the project, remind yourself that changing the lives of your patients should be your ultimate goal. 


AVID Design offers full-scale written and visual communication services for hospitals and healthcare systems, including SharePointWeb designSEO and PPC content development and assessmentonline video and rich mediaanalytics and measurementcontent management systems and more.

Stephanie Imberman | Account Executive | AVID Design

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Dec 2009

Monitoring With Tweetdeck and Searching With Twitter

Just the other day AVID Design was approached by a client who had a question about monitoring their brand on Twitter.

Searching through "junk," much like "dumpster diving," is NOT how you want to obtain your search results.

When searching for their name – which happens to also be an acronym shared by others – a lot of unrelated “junk” showed up on the results page.

The client was eager to learn that filtering out all the “junk” (by using Tweetdeck) with Twitter’s search operators makes it easy to follow mentions and search specific keywords.

Tweetdeck – No Need to Ask…

You’ve heard us talk about Tweetdeck before and how most of us at AVID Design use it and advocate it.  It turns out, that it’s a great tool for brand monitoring and a way to keep track of certain types of mentions and Tweets for your hospital’s Twitter account.

Basically, Tweetdeck is an organizational tool for Twitter that takes your feed and breaks it down into pieces which you can customize, manage and monitor.  Tweetdeck allows you to easily see what is (and what isn’t) being said by your hospital and about your hospital.  It’s especially useful if you have multiple Twitter accounts in need of monitoring, which you know you must do.

That’s all groovy and gravy about monitoring, but what about filtering out the “junk” and drilling down to find what you are really seeking?

Twitter’s Search Function – A Smooth Operator…

Not only can you search Tweets based on words, people, places, dates and attitudes, but many Twitterers are unaware that you can also use Twitter’s search operators in the search box to help filter out the “junk” and become more specific with what you are looking for.

For example, if you want to search for specific Tweets that contain the phrase “swine flu” with links, you would simply type “swine flu filter:links” in the search box and your results would appear.

But what about searching for something like “nursing” without generating tons of results such as “nursing home” or “nursing school?”  For this, you can use a search operator to contain a word, while omitting one commonly linked to it.  You would type “nursing -home” in the search box.  And voilà…the results you want!

This awesome search technique allows you to dig deep and drill away to get the search results you are looking for.


We know you don’t have a lot of time and are understaffed, that’s why AVID Design offers free Web 2.0 assessments and services for online marketing strategies such as social media and brand monitoring to make your job and life easier, just like we did for the client mentioned in this blog post.


Lisa Federico | Content Specialist | AVID Design

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Nov 2009

Twittering – Everybody is doing it!

Everyone is using Twitter these days.  From large corporations to mom and pop shops, to celebrities to nuns.  Yes, that’s right I said nuns!  Well, one nun in particular, Sister Valentina from St. Joseph’s  Hospital of Atlanta.


Follow Sister Valentina on twitter @sistervalentina

Sister Valentina recently started tweeting for St. Joseph’s Hospital of Atlanta to reach out to the community and to a specific targeted audience, mainly females ages 25+.  This is such an interesting and exciting approach to social media for hospitals and healthcare systems because of those tweeting, no one has a nun doing it.

Also what makes this different from traditional business social media twitter campaigns is that Sister Valentina is a real person and not a marketing department trying to push out a message.  She heads their Compassionate Care initiative, and she’s intimately involved in many other facets of the health system. With Sister Valentina you can have a more intimate connection than you would with any other marketing department.

Sister Valentina celebrates her 60th anniversary through the Sisters of Mercy this year.

Follow Sister Valentina on twitter @sistervalentina

Does your hospital have a trusted and reliable partner to build, manage and plan your online marketing strategies? AVID Design offers free assessments for Websites, content, strategy and more.

Lisa Federico | Content Specialist| AVID Design

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